When Should You Hire an Employment Attorney?

It’s not uncommon for employees to raise issues with the boss only to be left feeling like they are on their own or that they need to take a more combative stance to get what they want. The good news is that there is always a right and legal way to get employee issues addressed especially if you have an expert employment attorney working with you. Read on to know when you need to talk to an employment lawyer.

Workplace Harassment or Discrimination

Employee harassment or discrimination are among the most common unlawful actions against workers. In cases like these, you don’t need to be terminated or fired. Any action that causes discomfort or distress and affects employee productivity, safety, and well-being at work is deemed harassment. Discrimination can also take many forms, from gender-based discrimination to discrimination because of one’s age or the presence of a handicap.

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination cases are common especially when discrimination is involved or when due process is not followed in the course of terminating an employee. If you think you have been wrongfully terminated or due process was not followed, your employment lawyer can help build a case for this reason and successfully sue for damages.

Violation of state or federal laws created to protect workers

State and federal laws are in place to ensure that workers’ rights are protected. If employers violate these rights, such as the right to a safe and hazard-free work environment or the right to food and rest breaks, employees have a cause for action. You can seek help from an employee rights attorney group, or work with a lawyer who can collect all relevant documentation, file the right charges, and represent your case in court.

Withholding of employee benefits

Withholding of employee benefits can happen whether you are still employed or no longer working for your employer. Employee benefits are mandated by law and withholding benefits can land your employer in hot water. If you have proof that you are owed these benefits you can easily build a strong case in court to compel your former bosses to give you the benefits you worked for.

Why Work with an Employment Lawyer?

Employment lawyers focus on gathering all information and evidence to build a strong case against errant employers which means you are giving yourself the best chance to succeed if you are working with a legal expert. He or she is also there to ensure that your rights are fully protected especially if you are facing off with an employer who can afford to send in a team of lawyers to represent him.

Don’t make the wrong decision by dealing with employment issues alone especially if your salary, benefits, or future employment prospects are at stake. Get in touch with your employment lawyer today.