SMS Business Marketing Is Way More Effective Than You Think (Here’s Why)

Many people, when asked, have a healthy amount of skepticism when it comes to looking into SMS marketing and its overall effectiveness. After all, with so many popping up, it’s hard to really pin one down and determine which is good and which isn’t.

The reality is that SMS marketing is an incredibly effective option for most businesses. In fact, small business SMS marketing is one of the most effective outreach options available and has already begun to produce a proven track record.

Below, we’ll go over some of the top reasons why SMS marketing is worth your time and why you may want to seriously consider using it for your business.

#1. Text Messages Are Closer Than Email Blasts

It’s something of a chicken/egg scenario, but we have always viewed a text message as more “intimate” and close than we do a random email. This may be because we use our phones as much as we do, the fact that we give our number away far less compared to email address, or that we naturally expect a friend to message us than email us. Whatever the reason, by sending an SMS message over an email or alternative form of marketing, you’re essentially able to cut through much of a person’s initial reservation with learning about what you have to say.

#2. Hyper Prequalified

One of the innate selling points of most marketing strategies is that you are ideally marketing to warm prospects that are prequalified on some level. This sentiment is dramatically upped when it comes to SMS marketing. This is because, as mentioned earlier, people rarely offer their numbers out compared to their email address. By getting their number and marketing through there, you are able to more assuredly know you’re dealing with someone legitimately interested in your product.

#3. Texts Are (Almost) Always Opened

One huge factor that people never consider is the fact that most people open their text messages far more than they do an email, especially when it comes to a message from a random company. For example, you’re odds of them opening your SMS in the first place is over 95% while conversions are just below 50%.

#4. Texts Are More Immediately Received

Lastly, when it comes to SMS marketing, your results are pretty much immediate when compared to other alternative marketing options. Whereas many people can leave an email unread for days or weeks at a time (potentially longer), SMS marketing happens almost instantly, generally within 90 seconds of being sent.